About us

The Pinegrove congregation is a lively and accepting community of faith with a mix of nationalities and backgrounds. Our mission statement is REACHING OUT TO OTHERS WITH GOD’S LOVE. We work well together, support each other through difficult times as well as the fun times. We are part of the United Church of Canada, Canada’s largest Protestant denomination.

We also have our roots firmly planted in Rosslyn Village, a growing and changing community with a good mix of rural and city sensitivities. We do both local and global outreach through generous donations to many local outreach initiatives and the United Church’s Mission & Service Fund (M&S).

Our faith family is a blend of folks  from all walks of life.  We are blessed with many talented people who get involved with worship, pastoral care, fundraisers and local projects.

Our Narrative Overview shows in more detail what we do, what is involved and how we spend our money.

It shows we’re a busy little church, and shine in community outreach!