baptism_illustration2Holy Baptism is a symbolic action signifying the new life given to us by God as we join the church community. It is one of the two sacraments recognized by the United Church of Canada. The other one is Holy Communion (the Lord’s Supper).

Baptism is an ancient ritual that has been used to mark a “before” and “after” in a believer’s life. It is a rite of passage into a new stage of life and a first step on a person’s faith journey. It is also the single rite of initiation into the Christian community, the church.

The United Church recognizes baptisms in other denominations of the Christian Church and baptism in the United Church is recognized by all Christian denominations that practise infant baptism.

The parents of children (who are not able to speak for themselves) make promises to support and nurture the child in his or her Christian faith. The congregation also promises its support for the spiritual formation and growth of you and your child.

The United Church offers baptism to people of all ages (infants, children and adults) and we welcome requests for baptism. Please contact our Minister if you would like to discuss baptism for yourself or your child, so we can get to know each other a bit better and understand what is involved. To reach our Minister, please contact our office.

For more information on baptism and other UCC beliefs, please visit the United Church of Canada website.